From Alderman Waguespack’s newsletter:

We are also receiving many calls of blue carts taped shut with orange Waste Management tags (see photo) for being in violation of recycling rules. Waste Management is enforcing the contract with the City and will not pick up blue carts that have contents in plastic bags. If you have any questions, please contact my office. For more information on the blue cart program rules, please click here


The newsletter is out.  Make sure you come to the February 10 meeting for our Aldermanic Candidate Forum.  We’re inviting the entire ward, so mention it to your friends and neighbors.

We’ve decided to make one slight change to the Forum format. We ask that you submit questions in advance so we can try to merge duplicates and make sure a broad range of issues get covered. Please email your questions to  We will not provide questions to the candidates in advance.

Before the Forum, we’ll hear about a bike race, The Intelligentsia Cup, that is proposed for this summer in the center of the South Lakeview neighborhood. In addition, the new owners of Mirador will stop by to introduce themselves. We’re always happy to welcome new businesses to the neighborhood.

Doors open at 7:00. Come to the Athenaeum, talk to your neighbors, enjoy a beverage, and tell tales of heroism in the face of overwhelming snow!  The meeting starts at 7:30.