The newsletter is out.  Make sure you come to the February 10 meeting for our Aldermanic Candidate Forum.  We’re inviting the entire ward, so mention it to your friends and neighbors.

We’ve decided to make one slight change to the Forum format. We ask that you submit questions in advance so we can try to merge duplicates and make sure a broad range of issues get covered. Please email your questions to  We will not provide questions to the candidates in advance.

Before the Forum, we’ll hear about a bike race, The Intelligentsia Cup, that is proposed for this summer in the center of the South Lakeview neighborhood. In addition, the new owners of Mirador will stop by to introduce themselves. We’re always happy to welcome new businesses to the neighborhood.

Doors open at 7:00. Come to the Athenaeum, talk to your neighbors, enjoy a beverage, and tell tales of heroism in the face of overwhelming snow!  The meeting starts at 7:30.

Location: Athenaeum Theater, 2936 North Southport Avenue
Date: Tuesday, February 10
Time:  Doors open at 7:00, Meeting begins at 7:30, Forum begins at approximately 8:00

Elise Doody-Jones Photo Credit: DNAInfo

Elise Doody-Jones
Photo Credit: DNAInfo

Scott Waguespack Photo Credit: DNAInfo

Scott Waguespack
Photo Credit: DNAInfo

We are happy (and relieved) to announce that the February 10 meeting of South Lakeview Neighbors will feature a forum with the candidates, Alderman Scott Waugespack and Elise Doody-Jones.

The forum format will be informal. Each candidate will offer brief opening and closing statements. The discussion in between will be driven primarily by questions from the community.  In order to keep things moving along, we will ask that anyone wishing to speak raise his or her hand, ask a one-part question, and limit him- or herself to a single follow up.

This meeting is open to all residents of the 32nd Ward.

The forum will begin shortly before 8:00.

We have two pieces of business before the forum:

  1. A change to the South Lakeview Neighbors bylaws (please see the February newsletter for details) Moved to March meeting
  2. A presentation regarding a proposed bicycle race in the South Lakeview area.

39 people came out on a pretty cold night* to discuss the zoning variance requested for 1424 W. Diversey.

After a thorough and civil discussion that touched on a wide number of issues related to the quality of life in South Lakeview, those in attendance voted on the following motion:  That South Lakeview Neighbors supports the variance request subject to the terms of a restrictive covenant, to which the developer and current owners agree to be bound.  Everyone voted; there were 24 yes votes and 15 no votes.  This will be formally conveyed to Alderman Waugespack within 36 hours.

The action of South Lakeview Neighbors is a recommendation to the Alderman, and helps inform his vote before the Zoning Committee and in the City Council.

* As always, thanks to Jeff DeLong and the crew at the Athenaeum and to the folks at the Diag who showed up with some nice wraps.



  • 7:00 p.m. SHARP! Doors open at 6:45
  • Athenaeum Theatre Building
  • 2936 North Southport Avenue


Plans will be presented for the property at 1424 W. Diversey to change the zoning from RT3.5 to RT4 for the purpose constructing a TWO unit condominium residential building that will be 38 feet tall. The CURRENT ZONING allows for the construction of a TWO unit condominium building with a height of 35 feet and smaller square footage of the units. PLEASE NOTE! This zoning change is supported by the SLN Zoning Review Committee and is consistent with the zoning criteria for Diversey Pkwy. passed by the SLN membership several years ago and approved by the Alderman.

Current and proposed: 1424 Diversey:

Voting … A Bit of Clarification…
Our by-laws state that in order to vote on an issue at a  membership meeting, you must be a member of the organization for the previous two months, or live/own within one block of an issue and are able to provide ID to prove that. There are never any exceptions to this.

NOW is the time to express your opinion

If you cannot attend, please contact Joe Semerling at 773-750-0393 to express your opinion. There is no voice mail. Your missed call will be returned.