South Lakeview Neighbors meet regularly to socialize and discuss important issues. Members get to meet and question candidates for offices ranging from Alderman to U.S. Representative, question developers over potential zoning matters, and work directly with businesses over opportunities or issues in the neighborhood.  Our Neighborhood Development Review Committee works with Alderman Waguespack to ensure that zoning variances benefit the community.

Just in the past year:

  • We have, after a patient and thorough review, taken a negative position on the Lincoln Hub reconfiguration.
  • Hosted a forum for aldermanic candidates.
  • We acted as a forum for our elected officials so that you can determine whether they are talking straight to us or have thrown us into the spin cycle, and invite candidates so that you can learn more than revealed on a glossy mailer.
  • We informed our members of new businesses, changes in how public services are delivered and other issues that affect their lifestyle and pocketbook.

If you live within the boundaries of SLN, we urge you to have a voice in the community and join South Lakeview Neighbors.

South Lakeview

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Boundaries for South Lakeview Neighbors include Belmont on the north, Diversey to the south, Ravenswood to the west, and Racine to the east.  SLN is in the 19th police district, divided into two police beats (1932 and 1931).

Meetings held at the Athaneum Theater, 2936 North Southport,  on the second Tuesday of every month (except January, June, July and August) at 7:30PM (coffee at 7PM).

For membership and Newsletter Ad information, please call Ann at (773) 477-8840.

South Lakevew Neighbors memberships are for one year,  through June 30th:

  • Membership: $10 per person

Contact information

South Lakeview Neighbors
1505 West Oakdale Avenue
Chicago, IL  60657


  • President: Bob Blitstein
  • 1st VP: Sam Samatas
  • 2nd VP: Fionn McManigal
  • Recording Secretary:Bill Haderlein
  • Corresponding Secretary: Steve Stern
  • Treasurer: Ann Sychowski


  • Maria Bernardi
  • Geoff Gass
  • Michael Harring
  • Susan Radzinowicz
  • Ed Silverstein
  • Bob Taugner
  • Amy Walsh

Newsletter Articles: Bill Haderlein
Newsletter Editor: Jeanne Haderlein
Webmaster: Steve Stern
Advertising Setup:  Ed Silverstein


SLN Bylaws (Amended 4/15/15)

For membership call Ann Sy at 773-477-8840 or join online