April Newsletter

Greetings from a safe distance!

Depending on the COVID-19 meeting restrictions, the Nominating Committee will be meeting to come up with a slate for next year. It is time for a newer group of SLN residents to rise to the occasion to move SLN forward. SLN has outstanding working relationships with our local politician and organizations. SLN is a not-for-profit organization. If you are interested or want some more information, contact us at unfo@slneighbors.org or be ready to accept the challenge when contacted by Nominating Committee. NOTE –you must be a SLN member for at least one year to qualify for a board position.

As you know, the April meeting has been canceled and we’re betting that May will be, too. Stay tuned. Watch this space and keep an eye on our page on Facebook.

At the March meeting

Dillon Goodson made the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce’s presentation to the SLN membership.

1340 W. Wolfram –Zoning upgrade, demolition and construction of new Single-Family House. (Vote: 13 Yes, 7 No.)

1301 W. Wellington–Zoning upgrade for expansion/remodel of the current Single-Family House (Vote: 12 Yes, 7 No.)

For more Neighborhood happenings and news, read the April Newsletter.

March Meeting, March Newsletter

First things first: Read the newsletter

Contents include a review of the February meeting, a detailed preview of the March meeting, the Board and Officer nomination process for our organization, notes from the neighborhood and CAPS meetings.

We thank the candidates for Cook County States Attorney who took the time to present their positions and answer questions from the audience. That’s retail politics at it’s best, folks!

The March meeting

Tuesday, March 10, 2020
Athenaeum Theatre
2936 N. Southport
Meeting starts at 7:00 PM, arrive at 6:30 to socialize.


Lakeview Chamber of Commerce

Executive Director Dillon Goodson will present some Chamber and neighborhood plans for the upcoming year. Dillon will discuss the Chamber’s work to support a more vibrant business mix in Lakeview.

Zoning: 1340 W. Wolfram

This property is currently zoned RS-3 for single family or 2-unit buildings. The Builder intends to demolish the current building and construct a single-family house for a specific client. The Builder is seeking a zoning upgrade to RT-3.5. The zoning upgrade would allow for a taller building with higher total livable square footage and a smaller back yard to be built than under the current zoning. The 1300 block of Wolfram has a mish-mash of zoning designations with a block of parcels west of the Playlot on the north side of Wolfram zoned RT-4 for some unknown reason. The south side of the street is zoned RS-3 with many original small single family homes still present.This will be a voting issue. The immediate area will be flyered. The results of the voting will be forwarded to the Alderman’s office.

Zoning: 1301 W. Wellington

The owners of thishouseat the corner of Wellington and Lakewood are requesting a zoning upgrade from RS-3 to RT-3.5 in order to incorporate an expansion of the current house, primarily so some home offices could be located within the house. In addition, the owners are seeking to construct a brick wall along the Lakewood Ave. side the property for security reasons. This will be a voting issue. The immediate area will be flyered. Theresultsof the voting will be forwarded to the Alderman’s office

New Business: Elevate Physical Therapy

February 11 Meeting and Newsletter

At the February 11 meeting, we have invited all of the candidates for Cook County States Attorney and for Cook County Clerk to a forum where they can share their ideas with you. We will also hear from a representative from the Lakeview Food Pantry. Also, Dillon Goodson, Executive Director of the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce will share ideas on enhancing the business climate in the neighborhood.

Tuesday, February 11, 20202
Athenaeum Theatre
2936 N. Southport
Doors open: 6:30PM
Meeting begins: 7:00PM

As usual, we will hear from Jeff Delong, Director of Marketing and Development for the Athenaeum Theater. After 8 years of growing the Athenaeum, Jeff is moving on to another position in the city. Many thanks to Jeff for his contributions to the neighborhood.

At the December holiday party…

SLN would like to thank the following for their donations to the raffle and making the party a huge success.

The finale of the raffle was the Split-the-Pot Raffle with the proceeds going to the Lakeview Pantry. The kitty was over $250. The winner graciously donated their share of the winnings back to the Lakeview Pantry.

The Art of Pizza: SLN would like to thank Art for his very generous donation of Gift Cards to the Holiday Party and his continued support as a two page advertiser. Little known fact – Art is an actual person, though mostly invisible.

The Golden Apple Grill & Breakfast House – also an advertiser
S & G Restaurant – also an advertiser
Breakfast House – also an advertiser
Que Rico Mexican Restaurant
Side Street Saloon
The Coffee Lab
The Athenaeum Theatre
Lakeview Computer Specialists– also an advertiser
Victor Guistino – historical post cards
SLN Board – Liquor prizes

Read more in the newsletter.