Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 8

cyclist-penguin-300pxTuesday, March 8
Athenaeum Theater
2936 N. Southport

6:30 PM – Doors open
7:00 PM – Meeting begins (Note the early start time!)

Member Socializing – 6:30 to 7:00 in the Athenaeum Lobby.

The Athenaeum opens its bar for members to purchase some beer, wine or pop before the start of the monthly meeting. Come a little earlier to the meeting for some member socializing. Your purchase helps support the operations of The Athenaeum Theatre.

March 15 Primary Election – candidates

At newsletter release date, Donna Moore for Cook County States Attorney has committed to attend.

2800 N. Lincoln Ave – zoning change

Developers are interested in the vacant lot located at the northwest corner of Lincoln and Diversey. The project is a four story, six unit condo building. The project has a contemporary design with adequate parking. The developers are requesting a zoning upgrade from B-2 to B3-3. This will be a voting issue.

Lakeview Bike Race

Mike Salvatore of Heritage Bicycles is resurrecting his bid to bring a competitive bike race to the Lakeview area. Now that Mr. Salvatore has last year’s knowledge of the ins and outs of bringing an event like this to Lakeview, he is getting the process going well in advance. This would be an all day event held during the week.

Flo Restaurant located at 2901 N.Ashland

The owner of this newly opened modern Mexican restaurant will introduce his concept to the membership.

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Candidate Forum at Next Meeting: February 9

Time and place:

Athenaeum Theater
2936 N. Southport
6:30 PM – Doors open
7:00 PM – Meeting begins


We are hosting a Primary Election Candidate Forum. We have invited and have confirmation from various candidates who are running in the March 15th primary election. Offices include US Senate, 5th District Congressional seat, Clerk of Circuit Court, Illinois State Rep and Comptroller. The plan is to hear a brief individual introductory speech followed by some Q & A time.

A couple of thoughts come to mind: “People get the government they deserve” – Come out, listen and challenge these folks and become an informed voter. Then on March 15th make the time to vote. Also, I think it was Chancellor Bismarck who once observed “The biggest lies are told after the hunt, before the marriage… and during the election.” Let’s all hear what the candidates have to say, judge and vote accordingly.


It looks like we have some general membership zoning voting issues coming up in March/April time frame. A large building @ 2800 N Lincoln and 3 condos near Barry/Ashland. Remember, you need to be a prior member in good standing to vote on these and other issues. If these are hot button issues for and you are not a member, join now to be able to vote later.

Water Main Update: Wellington (Paulina to Southport)

waterfaucet-300pxFrom Alderman Waguespack’s office:

The City now has a notification website that will keep you updated on the progress of this project; click here to sign up.

Construction crews have begun preparing the site for the water main installation, including the marking of other utility services. You will notice construction equipment and materials placed in your area. The project will consist of several phases over the coming weeks.

Once the new water main has been installed, the new pipe will be pressurized, disinfected with chlorine and tested. The process of switching services from the old main to the new main will then begin. During that transfer period, you will be without water for a few hours. Your building will receive a handout notifying you when your water service will be temporarily interrupted prior to the service transfer.

Please take the following actions after the service transfer:

  • Remove aerator screens located at the tip of your faucets.
  • Open all your water faucets and hose taps for 3 to 5 minutes in order to flush the water lines.
  • Close all your water faucets, hose taps and replace the aerators.

These actions will help maintain optimum water quality by removing sediment or rust that may have come loose from your property’s water service line as a result of the water main replacement.

Once the services have been transferred, the street will be temporarily restored with concrete until complete restoration of the street with asphalt can be done. ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps will be repaired or installed where needed, along with repair of damaged parkway and sidewalk. The final restoration of the street will include milling the surface, placing new asphalt, and painting the street markings.

The restoration schedule is subject to change and may be impacted by adverse weather conditions. Asphalt is not available during winter months, which may delay the final restoration of the street.

Happy Holidays!

party-pinguin--card-ocal-300pxHOLIDAY PARTY
DECEMBER 8, 2015

3030 N. RACINE
6:30PM – 8:30PM

  • Drinks

  • Food prepared by Will’s Kitchen

  • Raffle donations to:
    Lakeview Food Pantry
    Athenaeum Theatre Restoration Fund

In the heated tent and back bar area. Plenty of room to spread out and hooks for your coats. Will’s kitchen has been given the green light to put together a great spread with items not normally on the menu.

Open bar – beer, wine, well drinks and pop. Members, family and friends are invited.

Bring your next door neighbor and recruit them to be an SLN member.

Holiday donations by SLN: Please note that the Board has voted to donate all the proceeds from the liquor basket and split-the-pot raffles to the Lakeview Pantry and the Athenaeum Theatre Restoration Fund. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

NOTE: Your membership dues must be paid and up to date in order to attend the Holiday Party.

What happened at the November meeting?

  • We voted on the Lincoln Hub
  • We learned about our neighborhood jewels, Jahn and Burley schools
  • We learned how to be safe from CAPS Sergeant Jason Clark

And there’s more in the newsletter, including

  • A review of Flo, the new place on Ashland
  • The #11 bus is back!!