February Meeting: Two Zoning Issues and Candidates (Feb 12)

The meeting:

February 12, 2019
Athenaeum Theatre
2936 N. Southport

6:30PM – Socializing
7:00PM – Meeting Begins


  • Special Use Permit – St. Alphonsus 
    A “Special Use Permit” is needed to transform the St. Al’s convent, formally Debra’s Place shelter for abused women, into temporary housing for undocumented migrant female children. The Trump administration/DHS working with Maryville Academy and St Al’s is seeking safe and secure housing for these kids while they await their judicial hearings and/or the identification and location of relatives. More information is in the newsletter but some very specific information has not been forthcoming to date due to privacy issues and should be part of their presentation with Q & A.
  • Bel Ray Apartments (Belmont & Racine)
    The second zoning issue is a complex zoning change for the Bel Ray Apartments at the corner of Racine and Belmont. The Bel Ray is a “multi-family affordable efficiency apartment building” for low income and homeless or disabled individuals. With the departure of Murphy’s Hotdog, their 20 space lightly used parking lot is now available for development. A building addition consisting of 45 additional studio apts for a total of 106 apts WITHOUT parking has been is proposed. The current zoning is an old legacy M1-2, which SLN would like to eliminate. The proposed needed zoning is a high density B2-5 which SLN has never endorsed.Also, the project requires “special Transit Oriented Destination (TOD)” consideration/approval to get around the 1 for 1 parking requirement. The Neighborhood Development Review Committee [NDRC] has reviewed this proposal and has suggested that the project be reworked with fewer units and at least 6 staff parking spaces to avoid neighborhood intrusion. A couple of years ago the converted church just to the south initially requested -3 zoning with 8 units with just 2 parking spaces. The zoning was downsized to -2 with 6 units and 6 parking spaces. A year ago the developer of the property next door, Murphy’s Hotdog also asked for -3zoning. They were also reduced to -2 zoning to 6 units w /6 parking spaces. There are also a few more requested -3 zoning for 8 units w/8 parking spaces. underlying complicated issues but the main point is that the NDRC would like to see a proposal with continued consistency in zoning density, less units and with some parking.
  • Mayoral Candidate drop-ins
    We’re expecting several candidates to drop in, make a (very) short presentation, and answer a few questions.  Currently Paul Vallas and Lori Lightfoot are confirmed.

There’s additional information in the newsletter, so please check it out prior to the meeting.

More in the newsletter…

  • Results of the traffic survey
  • News about an expansion of the Transit Oriented District (TOD) ordinance
  • CAPS/Community Policing news


Survey Results Lincoln/Belmont/Ashland

Thanks to those who participated in our non-scientific survey about the changes taking place at the Lincoln / Belmont / Ashland intersection.


  1. No left turn on Lincoln – In favor 32%, Against 68%;
  2. Narrowing of intersection –
    at Lincoln – In favor 38%, Against 62%
    at Ashland – in favor 45%, Against 55%;
  3. On Lincoln Ave. do you prefer
    Dotted yellow center line and bike lines- 54%;
    Dotted yellow center line only – 19%,
    Bike lane lines only – 10%,
    Neither, no lines at all 17% ;
  4. No hairpin right turn from Ashland to Lincoln – In favor 69%, Against – 31% ;
  5. Delayed left turn arrow on Ashland, In favor- 93%, Against 7% ;
  6. Use of temporary bollards – In favor 35%, Against 65% ;
  7. Eliminate some parking spots on Lincoln near the intersection to allow for lining up for right hand turns – In favor 79% Against 21%.

Last days for the survey, Agenda for February 12


You can read more about the changes in the Lincoln/Belmont/Ashland intersection in the Chi Streets Blog.

We did some surveying at the November meeting; we’d like to extend this into the entire community.  Please follow this link:

Take the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/V9WTZ8G

so we can get your feedback and forward it to the Alderman and CDOT.  The survey closes December 31.

No meeting in January

There’s no South Lakeview Neighbors meeting in January.

February’s Topics

These are penciled in for February 12:

  • Debra’s Place — special use permit to change from a women’s shelter to emergency housing for female migrants
  • Expansion of the BelRay apartments (Belmont & Racine) into their parking lot
  • Several mayoral candidates

Lincoln / Belmont / Ashland traffic survey

Recently, the Lincoln / Belmont / Ashland (LBA) intersection was re-paved and modified.  Bike lanes have been painted in and bollards installed to reduce the width of the crossings and “bump out” the corners.  Also, there are no longer any left turns allowed from Lincoln onto Belmont (in either direction) and the “sharp right” from Ashland onto Lincoln is also prohibited.

Image from chi.streetsblog.org


Some of the issues SLN sees with this is that the no-left turns are not marked in advance, leading to confusion and hesitancy and that as people learn about the no-left turn and begin to internalize the new rules, traffic that would normally go through LBA will be diverted onto narrow and busy sidestreets like Barry, School, Melrose, and Paulina.

You can read more about the changes in the intersection in the Chi Streets Blog.

We did some surveying at the November meeting; we’d like to extend this into the entire community.  Please follow this link:

Take the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/V9WTZ8G

so we can get your feedback and forward it to the Alderman and CDOT.