October newsletter and meeting announcement



6:30pm – Member socializing
7:00pm – Meeting begins

Our upcoming Oct 9 meeting should be very interesting and interactive.

  • The relatively new El Tequilas Restaurant/Bar at 2836 N Lincoln will introduce themselves and will be requesting a “PPA” license, Public Place of Amusement, to allow for trivia nights and Mariachi music on weekends. This is a voting issue.
  • Also, the city is revamping the beleaguered 311 call center service. A discussion, a proposal and a real chance by residents to offer input will be conducted by reps from the Dept of Innovation & Technology.
  • Finally, the owners of an unusual sized lot at 2930 N Lakewood will be presenting their Single Family House proposal. They are requesting a zoning change from RS-3 to RS-3.5 to accommodate a 15% larger house on a very undersized non-conforming lot. This will be another advisory voting issue. 

What happened at the September meeting?

It was chock full of content:

  • Alderman Scott Waguespack
  • Congressman Mike Quigley
  • Presentation from CWBChicago on the real crime stats in our neighborhood
  • Presentation from the developers of the Byline Bank (Southport & Belmont) project
  • Presentation from Breakfast House
  • Upcoming events at the Athenaeum

You can read all about it in the October Newsletter.

September 11 Meeting, September Newsletter

Meeting Info

Tuesday, September 11
Athenaeum Theatre
2936 N. Southport
6:30pm: Member socializing
7:00pm: Meeting begins


  1. Alderman Scott Waguespack: State of the Ward
    The Alderman will give the membership his annual update on the Ward and City of Chicago operations. The Alderman will speak on specific Ward issues as well as City-wide politics and finances. This will be the 11th year the Alderman has presented issues to the SLN membership to start out the SLN season. Will the Alderman run for Mayor? Come to the meeting and maybe you will be the first to know.
  2. Congressman Mike Quigley
    Member of the Select Intelligence Committee and the Appropriations Committee, the Congressman will stop by to update us on the latest doings in DC.
  3. Development of the parcel currently occupied by the Byline Bank at Southport & Belmont
    This is not a zoning change issue. However, SLN has requested the Developer appear before the membership with their plans. This is the drive-through bank consisting of three lots. Plans are for a 4-story building wiht 1st floor commercial, including the Bank and 13 residential condos. Parking will be 1 per Unit with additional parking for the retail or bank. Preliminary plans show the project being lot-line to lot-line.
  4. Crime in the area:  A presentation from Crime In Wrigleyville and Boystown (https://www.cwbchicago.com/)
    A representative from this crime reporting website will discuss crime issue in the SLN and Lakeview area. Many SLN members receive immediate updates from this web-site detailing the increase in violent crime in our immediate area that we would normally not be aware of.  CWBChicago often scoops the Tribune and Sun-Times on local crime reporting.
  5. Welcome to a new business:  Breakfast House
    The Owners will introduce themselves and describe the operations of this recently opened breakfast/lunch restaurant.

Is there more? Of course! Read the September newsletter.

The newsletter includes:

  • Highlights of the summer party, including the Beer Popularity Poll
  • A review of 2017-2018 in South Lakeveiw
  • Observations from a neighborhood walk
  • News from our elected officials
  • Lincoln/Belmont /Ashland Intersection InterimSafety Improvements from CDOT
  • News from the Lakeview Chamber and SSA27

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June Newsletter, Summer Soiree July 10

First things first!

SLN invites all members, family and friends to the

Annual Outdoor Summer Party

Meet fellow members and neighbors:


DATE: Tuesday, July 10, 2017
PLACE: Will’s Northwoods Inn @ 3030 N. Racine
TIME: 6:30PM-8:30PM
LOCATION: in the outside Beer Garden. Rain or shine.
PRICE: Free for all paid members, family and friends and those who live within the SLN boundaries and wish to join. Children and all babies are encouraged and welcome.
FOOD: Hot dogs, cheeseburgers, plus chef wild card items

From the Newsletter

  • Why is there so much focus on zoning at SLN meetings?
  • Who are the new officers and directors?
  • What’s the latest crime news?
  • What were the issues regarding 1712 W. Barry and 1216 W. George?
  • Plus, OMG, they’re going to be tearing up Wellington from Sheffield to Southport!
  • What’s happening with new businesses and real estate?
  • How’s the restaurant scene?

Read all of this and more in the Summer edition of the SLN Newsletter.


May 8 Meeting and Newsletter

Meeting Info

Tuesday, May 8
Athenaeum Theatre
2936 N. Southport
6:30pm: Member socializing
7:00pm: Meeting begins

Special stuff

  • Complimentary drink for Meeting Attendees, with proceeds benefiting The Athenaeum Theatre Restoration Fund
  • Cubs game ticket raffle (winner must be present)

Meeting Agenda

  • Chicago Cubs Community Relations
  • 1216 W. George zoning change
    Back until the late 1990’s, the Acme Meat Packing Plant and other smaller meat operators dominated this area. When that plant was demolished, many of the nearby existing home owners sold to Developers. The house at 1216 George was a hold-out. This is a really tiny house with a garden apartment that has been purchased out of foreclosure. This property is currently zoned M1-2, which is a Manufacturing zoning leftover from the meat packing days. The Developer is requesting RT-4 zoning, which is consistent with the 1200 block of George, in order to build a single family house. The home entrance will be on the side of the building. There are plans for a garage deck. This will be a voting issue and the results will be forwarded to the Alderman for his final decision
  • 1712 W. Barry zoning change
    This property currently has a coach house sitting on the back of the lot. The lot is currently zoned RS-3. 95% of the 1700 block of Barry has the RS-3 zoning which allows for “normal size” single family homes only. Under a special exception for the rezoning of four or more contiguous lots, the west end of the block received a RT-4 zoning in order to convert commercial property to residential some 20-30 years ago. The Owner of 1712 W. Barry, who intends to live in the new Project originally requested RT-4 zoning upgrade to build a large single family house. That was rejected by the NDRC. The owner has now requested an RT-3.5 zoning upgrade. This will allow for a slightly larger house than RS-3 zoning. However, that zoning would also accommodate the building of a 2-unit building and could set a precedent for future zoning requests. The RT-3.5 zoning is the overall zoningfor the residential area Lincoln to Ashland and Belmont to Diversey, formerly known as the Overlay District. This will be a voting issue and the results will beforwarded to the Alderman for his final decision
  • Lakeview Historical presentation by Victor Giustino
    SLN member, Chicago/Lakeview historian, tour guide, talk radio host and general neighborhood raconteur will give an unrehearsed presentation relating to the history of the SLN area.
  • Election of Officers and Directors
    Here is the slate to be voted on for the 2018-19 term:
    President: Sam Samatas
    1st Vice President: Bob Blitstein
    2nd Vice President: Fionn McManigal
    Recording Secretary: Bill Haderlein
    Treasurer: Ann Sychowski
    Corresponding Secretary: Steve Stern
    Directors: David Duggan, Greg Brown, Bob Taugner, Susan Radzinowicz
    New directors: Harvey Levin, Caty Norman-Burke and Ed Silverstein.Candidates for all positions can be nominated from the floor.



Do you know what  a “P Street” is?  There’s a proposal from the Lakeview Chamber to make Lincoln Ave, from Belmont to Diversey a “P Street” under the Pedestrian Street Ordinance.

Also at the April meeting, a zoning change proposal for 1214 W. Fletcher was voted on by the membership.

Read more in the newsletter.