Photo Credit: DNAInfo / Ariel Cheung

Photo Credit: DNAInfo / Ariel Cheung

We’re working on a recap of the May 12 meeting and hope to have it for you in the next couple of days.  In the meantime, these articles from DNAInfo may give you some insights:

Thanks to @HeatherKitzes and @ThisLakeview for participating and Ariel Cheung for covering the meeting for DNAInfo.   Also a big thanks to Jeff DeLong for hosting our meeting and  representing the neighborhood and SLN at the new #11 bus coalition.

johnny-automatic-Land-recreation-symbols-5Meeting Notice

Athenaeum Theatre
2936 N. Southport Ave

Doors open at 7:00; Meeting begins at 7:30


  1. Herdegan Funeral Home – Developer Plan
  2. Wrigley Field Scoreboard Noise
  3. Lincoln/Southport/Wellington intersection update
  4. #11 Lincoln Ave Bus update
  5. Election of Officers and Directors

Herdegan Funeral Home

The current owner and developer will present plans for the redevelopment of this iconic property. Indications are that the facade will be preserved and retail will be included. It is believed that a zoning change will not be required.

Wrigley Field Scoreboard Noise

Residents in the SLN boundaries have clearly been hearing the new giant scoreboard and announcer most specifically during the Cubs night games. They have registered their complaints. Ms. Heather Way-Kitzes, formerly of the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce, now the Manager of Government and Neighborhood Relations for the Cubs will address this issue.

Lincoln/Southport/Wellington intersection (Lincoln Hub) construction update

Lee Crandell with the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce will update us on the construction and tweaking of the project. By the meeting date, most of the planters will be in place and painting of the street may have started.

Issues to be addressed could include:

  • Backed-up traffic in the intersection
  • Increase pedestrian safety
  • Ambulance/emergency vehicles on Wellington
  • Calming traffic pattern
  • Increasing length of light on Southport.
  • How snow plowing will be handled

#11 Lincoln Ave. Bus

47th Ward Alderman Ameya Pawar is leading a charge to get the #11 Bus reinstated. Recently, Jeff DeLong, Director of Marketing & Development attended a meeting sponsored by the Alderman Pawar. Mr. DeLong will update the membership on what happened.

Election of Officer and Directors

Here is the slate to be voted on for the 2015-2016 term:

  • President: Steven Stern
  • 1st Vice President: Sam Samatas
  • 2nd Vice President: Jason Klein
  • Recording Secretary: Bill Haderlein
  • Treasurer: Ann Sychowski
  • Corresponding Secretary: OPEN
  • Directors: Returning – Mark Anderson, Robert Blitstein, Greg Brown Robert Taugner, Joan Gatz, Greg Newman, David Duggan, Susan Radzinowicz, Michael Valitchka
  • New Directors: Amy Rosenwasser, Sharon Dugan

Candidates for all positions can be nominated from the floor.

From the Cubs:

Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for your recent email regarding the Wrigley Field sound system.

In support of our commitment to keep you informed of the work happening in and around the ballpark, below is an update on the construction process and progress. All other recent updates about the restoration and expansion of Wrigley Field are available on

Update on Wrigley Field Sound Levels

In response to the feedback we received, we continue to work to better understand the impact of our new sound system. We are working with our sound engineers to redirect speakers and adjust sound balance in the ballpark. We will continue this effort during this week’s homestand.  Getting optimal results requires testing the system during games, when fans are in place, since testing in an empty ballpark can give a skewed version of sound and reverberations.

As construction of the Budweiser Bleachers continues, we will have more options regarding speaker placement and direction. In the meantime, we will continue to work to properly balance and direct sound inside the ballpark and reduce its impact on our neighbors.

Thank you for your continued support and patience throughout this process as we work diligently to find a suitable solution. Restoring and enhancing Wrigley Field will benefit the local economy and help ensure the Lakeview community continues to thrive.

Heather Kitzes


3rd Annual South Lakeview Neighbors Neighborhood Clean-up

Cleaning South Lakeview Since 2013!

Pick up paper litter on parkways for your block only.

Meet or start at the East end of your Block.

Time commitment takes about 1 hour.

Post Clean-up Social hour at Side Street Saloon located at George St. and Greenview at NOON sharp.

Drinks compliments of SLN.

Contact Bill Haderlein with the Block you will be covering.