Next Meeting: September 6

September 6, 2011


  • Basement — St.Alphonsus Church
  • 1429 W. Wellington


  • 7:00PM : Coffee & Cookies
  • 7:30PM : Meeting
    • Alderman Scott Waguespack
    • Hookah Lounge
    • Sign Proposal — Pockets


A tradition started more than a decade ago, the 32nd Ward Alderman will present the State of the Ward and City talk at the first meeting of the year. Alderman Waguespack will answer questions after his speech. His staff will be in attendance.

If you have a topic you would like covered, email SLN at :

HOOKAH LOUNGE 1351 W. Belmont
Hookah — a smoking pipe with a long tube passing through a container of water that cools the smoke as it is drawn through.

Shisha Café is a new concept for a hookah lounge which centers around the community aspect of smoking hookah pipes. The business will sell flavored tobacco, coffee, tea and juices and packaged Mediterranean and American snacks and appetizers. No alcohol will be served. Hours of operation are expected to be Monday-Friday 4PM-1AM, Saturday 4PM-2AM, Sunday 4PM-3AM.

The business requires a Special Use Permit to conduct business. This is a voting issue. The immediate area will be flyered.

As of October 2009, reports that 470 hookah bars are operating in the US with 5 new bars opening each month. 10% of patrons are of Middle East origin and the remaining are groups of American origin. Patrons are expected to be from all ethnic backgrounds interested in the hookah culture and young (18-35) urbanites as an alternative to bars and coffee shops.

SIGNAGE PROPOSAL at Pockets Restaurant — Lincoln/Southport/Wellington intersection.
Mr. Joseph E. Dahir of 24 Seven Outdoor will present his plans for a 10×10 billboard to be located on the face of Pockets Restaurant. The billboard will be located 30ft at the top between floors #2 and #3. The billboard is static in that there are no moving images or flashing lights. The ad simply changes a few times per minute. Mr. Dahir states that the billboard conforms with the City of Chicago Sign Ordinance.

Alderman Waguespack’s office forwarded the request to SLN for our input and comments. This will be a voting issue and the immediate area will be flyered.