See You at Will’s — The Summer Social is Here!

Tuesday,  July 10, 2012
Location:  Will’s Northwoods Inn – Beer Garden, 3030 N. Racine
Time:  6:30 PM 


  1. Beer, Wine & Cocktails (FREE !!!)
  2. Hot Dogs & Brats (also FREE !!!)

Your Beer, Wine, Well Cocktails and Pop will be picked up by SLN.

Wills Northwoods will graciously donate hot dogs and SLN is upgrading to include some Wisconsin Brats.

Officers and Directors will also be providing various fruit salad and/or potato-type salad dishes.

So, enjoy a free Tuesday night of drinks and food at Will’s cozy Beer Garden. Bring a new member. Start getting in shape by having 1 or 2 drinks every day until July 10.

All free drinks will end promptly at 8:30PM Central Daylight Savings Time.

What’s happened at the last meeting in May? Check the newsletter.