November: Meeting and Newsletter

Tuesday, November 12
St. Alphonsus Church basement
1429 W. Wellington
Doors open at 7
Meeting starts at 7:30

We’re back on Standard Time. It’s dark and cold.  Spend a enlightening evening with your neighbors. Warm yourself up with a good discussion.

On the agenda:

  • DIAG BAR – Southport/George St. – neighborhood issues

As previously reported, complaints from neighbors regarding DIAG were on the increase regarding late night noise and patron rowdiness. Eventually, DIAG was paid a visit from the Department of Business Affairs and was found to be in violation of several licenses including its retail food license, outdoor patio license and the use of sound equipment in the beer garden.

A hearing was held on September 20, 2013 regarding these issues. Elizabeth Gomez, Director of Outreach from Alderman Waguespack’s office was in attendance. DIAG agreed to the following: (1) Remove speakers from the patio, (2) Disconnected subwoofers and had a sound person check the bass level (3) Ordered another dumpster and scheduled an extra garbage pick-up (4) Order “Respect your neighbor” signs (5) Power washed alley (6) Will pick up trash near the bar.

Erik Baylis, partner in Big Onion Tavern Group and owner of DIAG will attend the November meeting to discuss improvements that have been made at DIAG. Elizabeth Gomez, Director of Outreach for Alderman Waguespack’s office will officiate this meeting. The immediate neighborhood will be flyered.

  • Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare)

Wondering how to get Health Care information? Illinois PIRG will make a brief presentation to answer questions about how to gain a better understanding of new health care options in the State of Illinois.

  • Lakeshore Sports Physical Therapy, PC

Angela Wilson Pennisi, PT,MS.OCS will provide  information of the health services offered by  Lakeshore which recently opened on Southport  across the street from the St. Alphonsus Church.

What happened at the October meeting? It’s in the newsletter.

New:  Meeting raffle!

Now your attendance at the monthly meetings can earn you cash. Starting at the November meeting, SLN will begin selling a monthly $5 raffle ticket to meeting attendees only. You can only buy a ticket at the meeting. Additional monthly membership meeting tickets will be sold at the February, March, April and May meetings. As you accumulate more attendance raffle tickets, you increase your chances of winning.

At the May meeting, we will draw a winner from all the purchased tickets for the year. The winner will receive 50% of the total kitty, 25% will go to a local charity selected by the winner from a provided list and 25% will go to SLN for future meeting expenses. Winner does not need to be present at the May meeting to claim the cash prize.