1424 W. Diversey Zoning Meeting report

39 people came out on a pretty cold night* to discuss the zoning variance requested for 1424 W. Diversey.

After a thorough and civil discussion that touched on a wide number of issues related to the quality of life in South Lakeview, those in attendance voted on the following motion:  That South Lakeview Neighbors supports the variance request subject to the terms of a restrictive covenant, to which the developer and current owners agree to be bound.  Everyone voted; there were 24 yes votes and 15 no votes.  This will be formally conveyed to Alderman Waugespack within 36 hours.

The action of South Lakeview Neighbors is a recommendation to the Alderman, and helps inform his vote before the Zoning Committee and in the City Council.

* As always, thanks to Jeff DeLong and the crew at the Athenaeum and to the folks at the Diag who showed up with some nice wraps.


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