February Newsletter and Meeting Notice

The newsletter is out.  Make sure you come to the February 10 meeting for our Aldermanic Candidate Forum.  We’re inviting the entire ward, so mention it to your friends and neighbors.

We’ve decided to make one slight change to the Forum format. We ask that you submit questions in advance so we can try to merge duplicates and make sure a broad range of issues get covered. Please email your questions to info@slneighbors.org.  We will not provide questions to the candidates in advance.

Before the Forum, we’ll hear about a bike race, The Intelligentsia Cup, that is proposed for this summer in the center of the South Lakeview neighborhood. In addition, the new owners of Mirador will stop by to introduce themselves. We’re always happy to welcome new businesses to the neighborhood.

Doors open at 7:00. Come to the Athenaeum, talk to your neighbors, enjoy a beverage, and tell tales of heroism in the face of overwhelming snow!  The meeting starts at 7:30.

4 thoughts on “February Newsletter and Meeting Notice

    • Derek: Because we’re a bit pressed for time at the meeting, I will probably ask anyone with detailed questions to contact you directly rather than get into long discussions at the meeting. Let’s hope the potholes are all filled or this would become a different type of race!

  1. Unfortunately I will not be able to make the Feb 10th meeting of SLN.. I want to express my opinion that the “Intelligentsia Cup” being proposed for the streets mentioned in the Feb newsletter of SLN is stupid and is being proposed mainly for benefit of Heritage Bicycles. Closing the proposed streets locks me in for the day. If I find a place to park my car the day before, I cannot move the car for weekend tasks I might need to do. The Chicago portion of this race would best be done in Lincoln Park on the bicycle trail or downtown around bicycle friendly city hall. It might be also noted that the apparent date of the proposed race (July 26th) is a baseball day at the Cubs ballpark. WE DON’T NEED THIS EVENT IN SLN.

    Lee Karras

    • Mr. Karras, I don’t speak for the organizer but as a cyclist and resident of Barry Ave., I’m very supportive of the development. I believe the proposed date is Friday the 17th (the Cubs will be winning in Atlanta, Georgia). In my experience, by the time Saturday arrives there will be no evidence a race has even happened. You should be able to accomplish your weekend tasks without issue. It will impact Friday local traffic but that’s where these planning and communication opportunities come in to play. The race SHOULD benefit Heritage Bicycles, as well as every athletic, food and grown-up beverage vendor along the corridor. Cyclists love to eat and drink. With Heritage Littles in the mix, I would anticipate some kid and family-friendly opportunities also. My casual observation is that Heritage brings youth, diversity and energy into Lakeview year round. This race will bring more of the same. Do we want to continue only closing the local streets for beer fests, or take the opporunity to showcase the area to healthy/active young adults and professionals? A street festival with a healthy theme? WE NEED MORE EVENTS LIKE THIS IN SLN!

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