Work to begin at Southport, Wellington & Lincoln

the lincoln crossingFrom our friends at SSA 27

Neighbors at Lincoln/Southport/Wellington:

Spring is here and we are ready to go with the Lincoln Avenue Placemaking Project, as promised when we delayed this project in the fall. Please review the information below about this work beginning April 20 in your area. We’ll appreciate your patience during the work, and we are very excited about the energy this project will add to the corner when completed! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about work impacts.
Lincoln Avenue Placemaking Construction Project
Start Date: April 20, 2015
Completion Date: Around May 22, 2015 (weather cooperating)
Location: Most of the work activity will be at the Lincoln Hub (Lincoln/Southport/Wellington intersection).
Work Description: The work will consist of installing bollards at the intersection, installing benches along Lincoln Avenue, and painting street and sidewalk surfaces.
Work Impacts:
  • Some parking restrictions for work vehicles
  • Traffic control while workers are in the street (there will be no street closures, but expect slower traffic during the work)
  • Sidewalks will be disrupted during painting, however, our contractors will work in sections to maintain pedestrian paths and access on all sidewalks (we will not be closing sidewalks)
As a refresher on the plan for the Lincoln Hub at Lincoln/Wellington/Southport: the installation will combine traffic calming and colorful public art to create a memorable focal point for the Lincoln Avenue corridor. It will include a modern oriental-rug-inspired art installation painted on the street and sidewalk surface, painted curb extensions to create additional pedestrian space at the corners and to shorten the crosswalk distances, and new public seating and landscaping. You can read a refresher about the project with more visuals here:

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