Lincoln Hub vote at November 10 meeting

12074927_10207112779685291_9158562198136204243_nAs a follow up to our survey of residents about the Lincoln Hub, we had a members-only vote at the November 10 meeting.

If you had to choose, would you:

A.  I prefer to keep the current design intersection

B.  I would prefer to return the intersection to its original design.

The vote was 26 to “return to the original design” and 12 to “keep the current design”.

We will communicate this result to Alderman Waguespack, the Lakeview Chamber, and the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT).

South Lakeview Neighbors hopes to be able to work with all three to improve the intersection in a way that the community can support.

One thought on “Lincoln Hub vote at November 10 meeting

  1. I vote for return to original design…the current design congests traffic and after awhile – the painted dots become old and not attractive. Cars hit the plastic bumpers designed to keep them out of pedestrian walk/seating…does not seem safe.

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