Candidate Forum at Next Meeting: February 9

Time and place:

Athenaeum Theater
2936 N. Southport
6:30 PM – Doors open
7:00 PM – Meeting begins


We are hosting a Primary Election Candidate Forum. We have invited and have confirmation from various candidates who are running in the March 15th primary election. Offices include US Senate, 5th District Congressional seat, Clerk of Circuit Court, Illinois State Rep and Comptroller. The plan is to hear a brief individual introductory speech followed by some Q & A time.

A couple of thoughts come to mind: “People get the government they deserve” – Come out, listen and challenge these folks and become an informed voter. Then on March 15th make the time to vote. Also, I think it was Chancellor Bismarck who once observed “The biggest lies are told after the hunt, before the marriage… and during the election.” Let’s all hear what the candidates have to say, judge and vote accordingly.


It looks like we have some general membership zoning voting issues coming up in March/April time frame. A large building @ 2800 N Lincoln and 3 condos near Barry/Ashland. Remember, you need to be a prior member in good standing to vote on these and other issues. If these are hot button issues for and you are not a member, join now to be able to vote later.