May Meeting and Newsletter

The next meeting is Tuesday, May 10.

From a drawing in 'Memories of the Months', Hume Nisbet, 1889.

From a drawing in ‘Memories of the Months’, Hume Nisbet, 1889.

Where and when:
Athenaeum Theater
2936 N. Southport
6:30PM – Doors open
7:00 PM – Meeting begins


  1. 404 Wine Bar/DIAG street cafe permit for Southport.
  2. By-law change. No 60 day waiting period to vote
  3. Restaurant/business presentations:
    Left Coast Food & Juice
    Wine shop/small plate restaurant 2806 N. Racine
  4. Take Back Lakeview – Crime meeting results
  5. Election of Officers and Directors

404 Wine Bar/DIAG: Street Cafe Request

404 Wine Bar/DIAG will present plans for a street cafe to be located on Southport in front of the 404 Wine Bar and service patrons of that establishment.┬áThe immediate area will be flyered on the issue.┬áThis is a VOTING ISSUE. The results will be forwarded to the Alderman’s office.

By-law change: 60 day waiting period to vote at SLN meetings

Article III-Membership currently reads:
“To vote on any issue, other than a zoning change request, one must be a member for at least 60 days prior to voting.”

For clarification: a non-member resident living within one block of a zoning change issue can vote on that issue only.

The Board has voted to delete the 60 day waiting period, allowing a resident who meets all the age and residency requirements, including proof of residence and payment of membership fee, to able to vote immediately on all issues.

There will be a discussion and a membership vote. For this by-law amendment to pass, the vote must be by a 2/3 majority and a quorum (24) must be present.

Restaurant Presentations:

  1. Left Coast Food & Juice
    The owners will introduce their health-focused fast casual restaurant concept. Expected to open in Spring or early Summer. The restaurant is located at Lincoln and Lakewood on the former Muskie’s Hamburger site and the adjacent Cleaning 2000 dry cleaning business.
  2. Wine Shop / Restaurant – 2806 N. Racine
    Local business owner Meteo Ramos will present some conceptual ideas for a wine shop/restaurant he is considering at the above address. He is looking for neighborhood feedback before committing to the project.

“Taking Back Lakeview” – Neighborhood Crime

April 27 held at Athenaeum Theater

Ms. Elaine Osgood, who is Sales Manager for Big Onion tavern group that owns, among other bars, DAIG, took it on herself to organize an independent forum regarding fighting neighborhood crime in the Lakeview area. The meeting was held April 27 at The Athenaeum Theater. She promoted the event on Facebook. Ms. Osgood will present the ideas or results of that meeting to the SLN membership.

Election of Officer and Directors

Here is the slate to be voted on for the 2016-2017 term:

  • President: Sam Samatas
  • 1st Vice President: Bob Blitstein
  • 2nd Vice President: David Duggan
  • Recording Secretary: Bill Haderlein
  • Treasurer: Ann Sychowski
  • Corresponding Secretary: Steve Stern
  • Directors: Returning – Mark Anderson, Greg Brown, Amy Rosenwasser, Bob Taugner, Susan Radzinowicz and Michael Valitchka,

New Directors:

  • Jeff Heath
  • Fionn McManigal
  • Mike Salvatore

Candidates for all positions can be nominated from the floor.

In the newsletter,

  • What happened at the last meeting
    • Farm Bar Street Cafe
    • 3142 N. Racine Church Conversion
    • Estate Planning & Trusts
    • Business Intros
      • Beef & Barley
      • Punt & Plume
  • Restaurant Review: Beef & Barley

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