Lincoln / Belmont / Ashland traffic survey

Recently, the Lincoln / Belmont / Ashland (LBA) intersection was re-paved and modified.  Bike lanes have been painted in and bollards installed to reduce the width of the crossings and “bump out” the corners.  Also, there are no longer any left turns allowed from Lincoln onto Belmont (in either direction) and the “sharp right” from Ashland onto Lincoln is also prohibited.

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Some of the issues SLN sees with this is that the no-left turns are not marked in advance, leading to confusion and hesitancy and that as people learn about the no-left turn and begin to internalize the new rules, traffic that would normally go through LBA will be diverted onto narrow and busy sidestreets like Barry, School, Melrose, and Paulina.

You can read more about the changes in the intersection in the Chi Streets Blog.

We did some surveying at the November meeting; we’d like to extend this into the entire community.  Please follow this link:

Take the survey at

so we can get your feedback and forward it to the Alderman and CDOT.