April Newsletter

Greetings from a safe distance!

Depending on the COVID-19 meeting restrictions, the Nominating Committee will be meeting to come up with a slate for next year. It is time for a newer group of SLN residents to rise to the occasion to move SLN forward. SLN has outstanding working relationships with our local politician and organizations. SLN is a not-for-profit organization. If you are interested or want some more information, contact us at unfo@slneighbors.org or be ready to accept the challenge when contacted by Nominating Committee. NOTE –you must be a SLN member for at least one year to qualify for a board position.

As you know, the April meeting has been canceled and we’re betting that May will be, too. Stay tuned. Watch this space and keep an eye on our page on Facebook.

At the March meeting

Dillon Goodson made the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce’s presentation to the SLN membership.

1340 W. Wolfram –Zoning upgrade, demolition and construction of new Single-Family House. (Vote: 13 Yes, 7 No.)

1301 W. Wellington–Zoning upgrade for expansion/remodel of the current Single-Family House (Vote: 12 Yes, 7 No.)

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