Meeting Notice: March 14, 2017 / March Newsletter

Meeting Preview Athenaeum Theater 2936 N. Southport 6:30 PM – Doors open 7:00 PM – Meeting begins AGENDA 19th District Police Commander Mark Buslik – presentation and question and answer session. Herdegan Funeral Home and 3015 N. Southport – revised plans Presentation #1 – 19th District Commander Marc Buslik Introduction SLN President Sam Samatas has […]

October Meeting & Newsletter

Right off the (World Series?) bat, here’s a link to the October newsletter. What happened at the September meeting?  What’s going on in the neighborhood?  What happened with that zoning thing? Alderman said what? It’s in the October newsletter. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2016 ATHENAEUM THEATRE 2936 N. SOUTHPORT 6:30PM – Member socializing 7:00PM – Meeting begins […]

September – The State of The Ward

Alderman Waguespack as mandated by tradition, “shall from time to time give to the Neighborhood Information of the State of the Ward, and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.” September is that time. SEPTEMBER 13, 2016 MEETING Doors open at 6:30 Meeting starts at 7 Athenaeum Theatre 2936 N. Southport […]

Update: 3114 N. Southport hearing

From the May Newsletter: Mr. Duggan and several neighbors attended the April 25 hearing. In classic Chicago politics, they were informed that the issue had been postponed because the owner’s lawyer, Sara Barnes, was on vacation in Miami. Mr. Duggan objected to the postponement, noting that objecting neighbors had rearranged their schedules and otherwise been […]