March 9 Meeting Preview

March 9, Tuesday
St. Alphonsus Church Basement

Doors open at 7:00 PM. The meeting begins at 7:30 PM sharp.


Neighborhood Bars-Deleterious Impact Public Nuisance Ordinance

Elizabeth Gomez, director of Business and Community Affairs for Alderman Waguespack’s office will give a presentation of this ordinance that has been in effect since April 2007. The ordinance is designed to solve issues between businesses and residents through community meetings organized by the Department of Business Affairs and Licensing. The Ordinance is designed to address bars that are public nuisances, protect establishments that operate in a professional and neighborly manner and give residents and businesses a forum to work together to address community concerns.

Walgreens will start selling liquor again

Walgreens will reinstate the sale of liquor at the Paulina and Belmont store. A representative from Walgreens will present the store’s policy on liquor sales.