CPD Districts 19 (Belmont) and 23 (Town Hall) to merge

From Lt. John Willner, CPD

By now I am sure that you have heard the news reports that indicate the 19th district police station will be closing. Since the announcement I have received many calls and emails asking questions about what will happen next, when the district will close, how the services we currently provide will be impacted and many other individual issues about manpower, response times and beat meetings.

Simply put, at this time I am unable to answer any of these questions. Ultimately, all of the concerns noted above in addition to many others will need to be planned for and addressed prior to making any changes.

Any large scale change in an organization such as this obviously takes some time to properly plan for and then accomplish. At this time the only information that I have is essentially the information that was released in the news media for the upcoming city budget meetings as they relate to the police department’s budget:

Following the restructure, the Department will consist of three Area commands: North, Central and South, and the Wood (13th), Belmont (19th) and Prairie (21st) Districts will be consolidated as follows: Wood (13th) will be consolidated with the Monroe (12th) District; Belmont (19th) will be consolidated with the Town Hall (23rd) District; and Prairie (21st) will be consolidated with the Central (1st) and Wentworth (2nd) Districts.

I will continue to update you as information is made available to me.

Lt. John E. Willner
District 019
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