Meeting Notice: March 14, 2017 / March Newsletter

Meeting Preview Athenaeum Theater 2936 N. Southport 6:30 PM – Doors open 7:00 PM – Meeting begins AGENDA 19th District Police Commander Mark Buslik – presentation and question and answer session. Herdegan Funeral Home and 3015 N. Southport – revised plans Presentation #1 – 19th District Commander Marc Buslik Introduction SLN President Sam Samatas has […]

Questions for the Commander: March 14, 2017

At the March 14 meeting, Commander Marc Buslik will discuss police activities in the 19th District.  We expect this to be a busy and well attended meeting, so we’d like to collect some questions in advance, especially if they might require some prior research on his part. If you have questions, please use the comments […]

19th District Closing

From Lt. John Willner: Last week the Chicago Police Department informed members of the 19th District that 03 March 2012 will be the last day the current 19th district facility will be used by the officers who patrol this area. Beginning on 04 March 2012, all police matters that involve the 19th district will be […]

CPD Districts 19 (Belmont) and 23 (Town Hall) to merge

From Lt. John Willner, CPD Hello, By now I am sure that you have heard the news reports that indicate the 19th district police station will be closing. Since the announcement I have received many calls and emails asking questions about what will happen next, when the district will close, how the services we currently […]