Judicial Candidates

Here is a brief synopsis of the Judicial Candidates that appeared at the 3/13/12 membership meeting. Websites are supplied when available. Also visit these websites for additional information: www.voteforjudges.org and http://www.chicagobar.org/.

Circuit Court Judge – Chiola Vacancy

Judge Celia Louise Gamrathwww.judgegamrath.com

  • 16 years of experience as an Attorney
  • Endorsed by the Democratic Party
  • Rated “Highly Qualified” by the Chicago Bar
  • Currently Circuit Judge of Cook County

Thomas Osran

  • 21 years experience of litigating complex cases in State and Federal courts
  • Rated “Qualified” by the Chicago Bar Association

Judge James Shapirowww.judgeshapiro.org

  • Rated “Highly Qualified” by Chicago Bar Association
  • 5 years of experience on the bench and over 20 years practicing law
  • Endorsed by:
    • Independent Voters of Illinois – Independent Precinct Organization
    • Personal PAC
    • Progressive democrats of America

Rod Stewartwww.rodneystewartforjudge.com

  • Over 28 years of trial and appellate courtroom experience
  • Rated “Qualified” by the Chicago Bar Association
  • Over 15 years representing parents and children in the Cook County Juvenile Justice Abuse and Neglect Courts

Circuit Court Judge – Cole Vacancy

John Ehrlichwww.ehrlichforjudge.com

  • Attorney for 17 years in the city of Chicago
  • Currently Deputy Corporation Counsel for city’s law department
  • Endorsed by Chicago Tribune
  • “Highly Qualified” by the Chicago Bar Association

Judge James Kaplanwww.judgekaplan.com

  • Over 40 years of experience as an Attorney
  • Judge since 2005
  • Judge in the 8th Subcircuit of Cook county since 2010
  • Rated “Qualified” by Chicago Bar Association

Ellis Levinwww.ellislevinlaw.org

  • State Representative for district for 15 years
  • Circuit Court Judge
  • Rated “Qualified” by Chicago Bar Association
  • Former 8 term State Representative

Brad Trowbridgewww.bradforjudge.com

  • Represented over 500 victims of domestic violence
  • Serves on Board of Directors of the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network
  • Endorsed by IVI-IPO and Personal PAC
  • Rated “Recommended” or “Qualified” by Illinois State Bar Association

Circuit Court Judge – Durkin-Roy Vacancy

Judge Deborah Jean Gubinwww.electjudgegubin.com

  • Over 35 years experience as an attorney
  • Appointed to the Illinois Supreme Court
  • Rated “Qualified” by Chicago Bar Association

Sharon Finegan Patterson

  • 31 years of diverse experience
  • Former Schoolteacher
  • Rated “Highly Recommended” by Woman’s Bar Association of Illinois
  • Rated “Qualified” by Chicago Bar Association

Circuit Court of Cook County Judge – Frossard Vacancy

Judge Diann Karen Marsalekwww.electjudgemarsalek.com

  • Attorney for 21 years with trial experience
  • Former President of Lake View Citizens’ council
  • President Central Lake View Neighbors Chair of 23rd District Steering Committee
  • Rated “Qualified” by Chicago Bar Association