Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Location: Basement – St.Alphonsus Church
1429 W. Wellington
Agenda: Coffee @ 7:00 PM. Meeting begins @ 7:30 PM.

Cubs Care and by the way of being sponsored by the ball club the Theo Epstein Chicago Cubs (no players) will appear this month. A representative will discuss the charitable activities of Cubs Care and how the summer concerts, Brad Paisley in June and maybe the Boss later generate funds for area schools and organizations.

ComEd – the SLN Board has been discussing alternative energy providers that are now available. But inviting one would seem to be promoting that particular company. So the Board decided to bring the electric provider to give their viewpoint on the issue and to discuss plans to improve Chicago’s electric issues as we approach what may be a hot summer following the warm Spring.

1244 W. George

1244 W. George St – Zoning Change. The 2900 block of Lakewood, the 1200 block of George St. and the west section of 1200 Oakdale were at one time major meat processing plants. Battles between businesses and residents were frequent. But all the businesses moved to more spacious areas that were more conducive to conducting meat processing and allowing truck deliveries. The final meat processor, Wetterlings, is on the block. Currently zoned M1-2 for limited manufacturing. The developer is requesting a zoning change to RT-4 in order to build a 3 story single family house.

What’s happened at last meeting in March? Check the newsletter.