February Newsletter and Meeting

The next South Lakeview Neighbors meeting is Tuesday, February 12. As usual, we will gather for coffee and chat at 7:00 PM in the basement of St. Alphonsus church, at 1429 Wellington. The meeting itself begins at 7:30 PM.

On the agenda this month:

  • Lathrop Homes – current Developer Plans
    The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) and the appointed developer Lathrop Community Partners (LCP) have responded to Aldermen Waguespack and Moreno and the surrounding community for more input on the master development plan of the Lathrop Homes. The CHA and LCP have compiled results from the surveys taken at the Open House meeting held in November 2012 attended by 366 people resulting in 258 surveys and 54 additional online surveys. The CHA is now focusing on what they feel are two crucial points (1) direct engagement with community groups and (2) movement toward developing one master plan.  Representatives of the development group will present their latest plans to us.
  • 1248 W. George St (La Vida Lounge) – Rezoning
    This property is the former La Vida Lounge across the street from The Elbo Room. The building was most recently run as a night club. That night club was very disruptive to the immediate residential neighborhood and by neighborhood pressure, was forced to close its operations. The building has been vacant for over two years. The potential owner/developer intends to convert the building into his own single family house.  Because this renovation requires a zoning change, Alderman Waguespack has asked for our input on the matter.

Please read the newsletter for a deeper discussion of these topics.  Also in the newsletter,

  • SLN President David Duggan opines on the above topics, as well as the Bears and our nearly snow-free winter
  • There’s a report about the December holiday party, which raised $365 for the Lakeview Pantry
  • Alderman Waguespack, Congressman Quigley, and Representative Williams have updates on their latest activities
  • There is a report on the demise and resurrection of the CAPS program
  • News from Burley, St. Alphonsus, and the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce
  • A letter of introduction from Elias Voulgaris,  recently appointed Town Hall (19th) District Commander

Read it all in the newsletter.

2 thoughts on “February Newsletter and Meeting

  1. Christopher Macsurak says:

    I cannot make the meeting, but I would be curious to know if they plan any exterior or height alterations to 1248 W George. Is that old meatpacking shop going to be part of the new residence? If the only real difference will be the removal of the lounge sign, and the for sale sign, and knowing a loud nightclub will never be there again, then it seems like a good thing. I’m not sure who thought a nightclub would work there to begin with. However when it comes to corner bars like Wills and Wellingtons it’s nice to have a place nearby to walk to. I hate that the outdoor beer garden at Will’s has to close at 11, especially if it’s a nice night. I wish on Saturdays from Memorial Day to Labor Day beer gardens could stay open until 1am. I suppose though you can’t discriminate against dance and club music while favoring German polka and oom-pah bands.?

    • Christopher: If you check the newsletter, you’ll see that the height will be modified under the developer/owner’s plans. Check the bottom of the 1st page. If you have objections and can’t attend the meeting, contact Ald. Waguespack via email or phone at http://ward32.org

      — steve

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