Weekend (March 28-30) Closure of Ashland Avenue

The bridge over the 1800 block of North Ashland Avenue will be removed this weekend (March 28-30) causing a total closure of Ashland Avenue.

    • For the March 28-30 removal, Ashland Ave (1600W) will be closed to all traffic and parking between North Ave (1600N) and Armitage (2000N) during this work period, with vehicle, #9 CTA bus and pedestrian detours. Metra service and parking will not be impacted. The route for the Armitage Ave CTA #73 bus will not be impacted. Crews will set up Friday night, with work continuing overnight until complete. Ashland will reopen no later than 5 a.m. Monday, March 31, 2014. While a 48-hour work period has been estimated, the street may be opened sooner if work is completed ahead of schedule. While this move will require overnight work, it is not anticipated to be as loud as work at Western or at Milwaukee, as no pneumatic devices are required.
    • Crews will assess the Ashland bridge once it is removed, and – barring unforeseen issues – the bridge will be moved into place at Western the weekend of April 18-20. The bridge will be moved on special equipment south on Ashland Avenue, west on North Avenue, and north into place at Western Avenue. Final plans for the move will be announced following the bridge assessment.

Neighbors will always find the coming week’s construction schedule at The 606 website¬†under News for Neighbors. Use the link at the website to join The 606 email list for construction and other updates. Call (773) 661-9172 with construction-related questions or concerns, and someone will return your call. To find a relocated car, please call 311.