Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 11

Location : Basement-St.Alphonsus Church, 1429 W. Wellington
7:00PM – Doors open
7:30PM – Meeting begins


  1. Concealed Gun Carry Law – what are the facts
    Mr. Paul Ragano, chief instructor at Diversified Professionals is an NRA-certified hand gun instructor. He will go over the new law and the educational and training requirements to qualify to carry a concealed weapon.
  2. Lathrop Homes development update
    This will be 3rd visit to SLN regarding this major real estate development subject (11/2012 and 2/2013). Mr. John McDermott, Housing and Land Use Director of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association will provide an update on the project. The sticking issues are the proposed 17 story high rise at the south end of the project and financing for the developers. Mr. McDermott spoke originally in November 2012 to SLN and is not part of the development group.
  3. 404 Wine Bar (DIAG) street cafe
    You may recognize the presenters on this issue. The 404 Wine Bar is the subsidiary establishment of DIAG (Southport & George) located at the south end of the establishment. It is its own little section with a different menu and ambience. The owners have submitted a Sidewalk Cafe Application to Alderman Waguespack’s office. The Alderman has asked for for discussion and a vote from SLN. The proposal is for 4 tables and capacity of 16, on the Southport Ave curbside.

What happened at the February meeting? ┬áIt’s in the March newsletter.