February: Meeting & Newsletter

Tuesday, February 11
St. Alphonsus Church basement
1429 W. Wellington
Doors open at 7
Meeting starts at 7:30


  • DIAG Bar – neighborhood issues follow-up
  • Beermiscuous – new business @ 2812 N. Lincoln
  • A Little Red Wine

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The February newsletter is here.

Meeting Preview

DIAG BAR – neighborhood issues follow-up

On November 2013, SLN sponsored a meeting between the DIAG Owners, complaining neighbors and from Alderman Waguespack’s office, Elizabeth Gomez, Director of Business Assistance and Community Outreach. The meeting was intended to air out issues relating to DIAG customer and business noise and the operations of the grounds around DIAG. At that meeting, a follow-up meeting was set for SLN’s February 2014 membership meeting. Ryan Marks and Erik Baylis, partners from Big Onion Tavern Group have committed to attend. SLN will flyer the immediate neighborhood around DIAG.

Update from DIAG (as previously reported in the December 2013 newsletter) :

  1. DIAG and their sound experts met with 4 different neighbor groups to address noise level issues. DIAG has had the “master music” turned down, so now it is not possible to go louder than what the neighbors said they could not hear.
  2. DIAG has expanded weekend security and now has two extra yellow vested security guys outside and two extra inside. Outside security is quieting the crowd as much as possible and cleaning debris for two square blocks.
  3. The whole property and surrounding area is being powerwashed every week.
  4. “Please respect our neighbors and leave quietly” signs are now inside and outside

BEERMISCUOUS – new business at 2812 N. Lincoln

Yes, that spelling is correct. To be located in the defunct Ole Cafe business that wraps around from Lincoln to Diversey. The business intends to provide a premium craft beer cafe concept in a relaxed, quaint neighborhood shop. Patrons will be able to taste/sample/drink craft beers in a tavern environment and purchase pick 6 beers of their favorite like a package store. The beer servers will be knowledgeable about the craft beers and encourage customers to try new styles. Beermiscuous will also provide beer clubs, favorites homebrewer meet-ups and private events. The owners intend to rehab the site as a boutique style store. No liquor or sub-premium beer (the kind I like) will be sold. The establishment will maintain retail-like public hours : Tues-Thurs 12-10PM, Fri & Sat 12-11PM and Sunday 12-7PM. Not designed for drinkers throwing back shots of liquor. Beermiscuous has signed a 10 year lease, with two 5 year options.

A Little Red Wine on a Cold Winter Night

SLN will provide some red wine to warm our bones at the February meeting. Silly time.

From our President

2014 – who would have thought that it would come so fast! With all the snow and cold, mainly the cold, we are off to a very frigid winter. We were definitely spoiled by last year’s mild winter. I hope everyone fared well with these polar shifts. It’s a great thing we are in a global warming period otherwise it would really be cold.

Remember to keep your cabinet doors open if your sinks are on an outside wall which most are. It really does help keep your pipes from freezing. Running a little water is good but watch out for drain freeze. This can really be bad.

We have a few new businesses in our area. But we lost an icon, Uncle Fun. After many years of going there, the times have changed and we are losing a great place. When I have had visitors come by, the first place they wanted to go was Uncle Fun’s – little and big kids. We will miss you!!

I look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting on Feb.11th!

President – South Lakeview Neighbors

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  1. Gr8 job on the news letter Perry I really enjoy reading it
    See you at the meeting
    Bobbie Temkin

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