Update: 3114 N. Southport hearing

From the May Newsletter:

3114 N. Southport

3114 N. Southport

Mr. Duggan and several neighbors attended the April 25 hearing. In classic Chicago politics, they were informed that the issue had been postponed because the owner’s lawyer, Sara Barnes, was on vacation in Miami. Mr. Duggan objected to the postponement, noting that objecting neighbors had rearranged their schedules and otherwise been inconvenienced by this hearing. Despite the objection, the chairperson granted the rescheduling of the issue to May 16, 2PM in City Council chambers.   

Update (posted 5/21/14):

Per the ZBA website,

151-14-Z Zoning District: RS-3 Ward: 32

  • Applicant: 3114 N. Southport, LLC
  • Represented By: Law Offices of Samuel V.P. Banks
  • Owner: same as applicant
  • Premises Affected: 3114 North Southport Avenue
  • Subject: Application for a variation to reduce the north side yard setback from 2’ to 0.5’; to reduce the combined side yard setback from 4.8’ to 2.75’; to reduce the rear yard setback from 37.5’ to 33.92’; to reduce the rear yard open space from 900 square feet to 203 square feet; to exceed the existing height of 31.25’ by not more than 10% to 33.71’; and, to exceed the existing floor area of 4,466.4 square feet by not more than 15% to 5,081.1 square feet for the proposed conversion of the existing 2.5-story, five-unit building into a three-story, four-unit building with three surface parking spaces.

Approved; resolution pending