March 13 Meeting, March Newsletter: Zoning & Candidates

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb*.  Read more in the March Newsletter. Regardless, our regular March meeting is coming up!

Meeting Info

Tuesday, March 13
Athenaeum Theatre
2936 N. Southport
6:30: Socializing
7:00 Meeting begins


1357-59 W. BARRY
ZONING CHANGE for conversion of commercial space to residential This building is a beautiful brick 3 story rental property on the southeast corner of Barry and Southport with Fine Cleaners occupying the corner commercial space. The top trim is ornate and deserves a look at the next time you go by. There is a small commercial space (currently a photographer) in this building east of the corner. The Owner wishes to convert this space to a residential unit. However, in order to convert this space, the building would have to be up-zoned to a more lucrative B-2-3.

If that zoning was permitted, the Owner could put in a higher number of units in the building then current zoning allows. SLN’s Neighborhood Development and Review Committee (NDRC) does not support this zoning change. The NDRC feels allowing an up-zoning would set a precedent for Developers in the future to ask for the same high density zoning.

This will be a voting issue and the results will be forwarded to the Alderman for his final decision.

The owners of the former Temple Bar have been leasing out the business at this site. After several restaurant failings, the owners have decided to restart and run a reincarnation of the Temple Bar. The owners will be presenting their plans for the outdoor area in the parkway.

This will be a hand-voting issue and the results willbe forwarded to the Alderman for his final decision.

Around election time, the non-incumbent candidates contact SLN looking for some opportunities to meet people in the neighborhood face-to-face. The candidates will be there for the 6:30-7:00 premeeting socializing. They will also be given time to make a brief presentation to the members.

Expected to attend: Steve Schwartzberg, Benjamin Wolf and Sameena Mustafa, all Democratic candidates opposing incumbent Mike Quigley. The election is Tuesday, March 20.

What happened at the February meeting?

  • SLN presentent the Athenaeum with a check matching $1,000 in gifts to the theatre’s restoration fund.
  • There was a vote supporting a zoning change for the southwest corner of Greenview and George.
  • There was a vote supporting a zoning change for 1246 W. George.
  • There was a vote supporting a zoning change for 1211-1213 Belmont.  (There was much sadness over the upcoming loss of Murphy’s.)

Where can I learn more? What’s happening in the neighborhood?

Both excellent questions. You can read more in the March Newsletter.  The newsletter includes news about

  • CPD Community Relations Strategy
  • Recently sold real estate
  • The role of SLN’s NDRC  (Neighborhood Development Review Committee)

* March comes in like a lion and goes out like a ….kangaroo?