September News, September Newsletter

Our next meeting is

Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Athenaeum Theatre, 2936 N. Southport
6:30 PM – Member socializing
7:00 PM – Meeting begins


  1. Alderman Scott Waguespack: State of the Ward
  2. 1514-1518 W. Diversey new building proposal
  3. Burley School Principal on the upcoming school year

Alderman Waguespack: In keeping with a long-time SLN tradition, the sitting Alderman is invited to speak at the SLN September meeting. Alderman Waguespack will be appearing for his 11 th year. What is different about this year? Since being elected, Alderman Waguespack has presented himself as an independent battling Mayor’s Daley and Emmanuel and The Chicago Way of politics. He was normally one of the few casting “No” votes against the machine. The Alderman was the main supporter of now Mayor Lori Lightfoot and has replaced disgraced Alderman Edward Burke as the Chairman of the Finance Committee. So, the roles have been switched. Come out and see what should be an insightful talk.

1514-18 W. Diversey Parkway: This property has two older frame buildings on the back of each lot which are connected by a balcony. As of the newsletter deadline, the final concept has not been received by SLN’s Neighborhood Development & Review Committee (NDRC). The NDRC has rejected a previous proposal for a 6 Unit condominium building. This will be a voting issue. The immediate area will be flyered.

Burley School Principal – Ms. Catherine Plocher: Long-time Burley Principal Catherine Plocher will update us on the upcoming school year, repairs and renovations that took place over the Summer and issues regarding the school’s future capacity.

And in the newsletter….

  • A recap of the 2018-2019 SLN season
  • Meet Bob Blitstein, the new SLN President
  • The summer party
  • A walk around the neighborhood
    • Diag closed
    • Construction resumes at the funeral home site
    • More coffee!
    • and more
  • CAPS news
  • Breakfast House review

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