Next Meeting: May 10

The next meeting of South Lakeview Neighbors will be Tuesday, May 10.
Location: Basement of St. Alphonsus Church
1429 W. Wellington


  • 7:00 pm

    • Beer, wine, pop & mini-burgers
  • 7:30 pm
    • S&G Restaurant – street cafe
    • Lakeview Computer Specialists
    • Bottles & Bottega – new business presentation
    • Officers and Directors election

May Meeting Social Time
An SLN tradition, Chicagoland Deck is donating beer and pop, Messr. Toth is supplying some wine from his cellar and S&G Restaurant is supplying some mini-burgers, chicken fingers and tater-tots, which are making a huge comeback according to Johnny B (first-come, first-serve). So come at 7PM or a little earlier is OK, meet us at the St. Alphonsus basement bar, have a drink, a little conversation, attend the meeting, vote on a few issues and then back to the bar to finish off the remainder. See you early and later.

S&G Restaurant – Street Cafe
S&G located at the corner of Lincoln and Wellington has submitted a plan to place 6 tables seating 4-6 people and 4 tables of romantic seating for 2 at the curb on the Wellington side of the building, facing St. Alphonsus Church. Hours of operation would be about 7AM for breakfast in the morning, lunch and dinner wrapping up at 8PM. This is a voting issue and the immediate area will be flyered.

Lakeview Computer Specialist
Everyone has important data on their computers: digital music, photos, email, spreadsheets, etc. What would you do if you lost some or all of that data? Are you prepared in case of accidental damage to your computer? What if you were the victim of a burglary or your child spilled juice on your new laptop? Ed Silverstein, owner, SLN advertiser and member, will speak on how and why to backup the important data on your computers.

Bottles & Bottega – New business @2900 N. Lincoln Ave
Have an “Art Party.” The owners will give a short presentation on how to combine painting and partying. They provide all supplies, you supply the wine. Hello party.

The Nominating Committee met April 21.
President – David Duggan
1st Vice President – Sam Samatas
2nd Vice President – Perry Castrovillari (NEW)
Recording Secretary – Bill Haderlein
Treasurer – Ann Sychowski (42 straight years)
Corresponding Secretary – Ernie Toth (NEW)
Board of Directors – NEW: Mark Anderson and Lisa Voight, RETURNING: Marge Farhrenbach (officer last year), Joseph Semerling, Robert Taugner, Joni Gatz, James Volkober, Greg Brown, James Frendreis, Susan Radzinowicz.

 Nominations for any position can be taken from the floor at election time.

In the May Newsletter, read President David Duggan’s column about gardening, civics, and South Lakeview Neighbors’ demographics, follow up on news about the Belmont medical office building and re-zoning at Racine and Wellington, and learn about Cubs Care.  The newsletter also has updates from Representative Quigley, Alderman Waguespack, the South Lakeview Park Advisory Council, and much more.  Click here to download the current and past newsletters.

If you are not currently a member of South Lakeview Neighbors, please come to our May meeting to join and participate in this neighborhood resource.