Next Meeting: November 13, 2012

November 13, 2012
Location: Basement – St.Alphonsus Church,1429 W. Wellington
7:00 PM  Doors open
7:30 PM  Meeting begins


  1. Northwestern Medical Center – 1300 Belmont
    A representative and medical professional will be present to explain the overall operations of the new Medical Center that opened in August 2012 and to describe the medical opportunities the Center offers to the neighborhood.
  2. Energy Impact Illinois – energy rebates
    Energy Impact Illinois, along with your local Utility Companies, is providing rebates to help lower our energy bills. A representative will describe the program which mainly consists of air sealing and insulating programs. Rebates of 70% of your cost up to $1,750 are available. If you cannot wait until the November meeting, call 1-855-9-IMPACT to set up an appointment.
  3. Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey
    The Cook County budget has been in the news lately. Increases of $1 per pack for cigarettes and the Violence Tax on bullets (take better aim) are a few of the controversial budget items. Commissioner Fritchey contacted SLN and requested some time to discuss the 2013 County budget. Bring it on.

What happened at in the neighborhood recently? What happened at the September meeting?  Check it out in the newsletter.