Next Meeting: December 11, 2012

We will have our annual Christmas party next Tuesday, Dec. 11 at Will’s Northwoods Inn, at Racine and Nelson.

DATE: Tuesday, December 11
TIME: 6:30PM – 8:30PM
LOCATION: Will’s Northwoods Inn, 3030 N. Racine, back room.

As in the past, we will ask those attending to bring a boxed-or-canned good for, or a check payable to, Lakeview Pantry, although they prefer cash because they can buy in bulk far more economically than we can. We will have the usual raffles for baskets of booze and other party gifts. Maybe even a politician or two will stop by!

During this season of fellowship, generosity and reflection, it is a good time to think about what South Lakeview Neighbors means to all who live, or work, or own property within the 24 blocks bounded by Racine to Ravenswood, Belmont to Diversey. As an organization:

  • We have resisted development that would burden the neighborhood (like a hookah lounge) and encouraged development with offsetting benefits (like the Belmont Medical building).
  • We have reduced the sought–after density of other large-scale residential properties (like Wellington Park) and assisted in the transition of Lincoln from a department-store destination shopping area to a mixed residential and small retail use.
  • We act as a forum for our elected officials so that you can determine whether they are talking straight to us or have thrown us into the spin cycle, and invite candidates so that you can learn more than revealed on a glossy mailer.
  • We inform our members of new businesses, changes in how public services are delivered and other issues that affect their lifestyle and pocketbook.

If you live within the boundaries of SLN, we urge you to have a voice in the community and join South Lakeview Neighbors.

If you missed the November meeting, you didn’t learn about the services offered at the new Northwestern medical building on Belmont, including an immediate care facility and physicians from the Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group. Nor did you learn about a program that offers significant rebates for energy related improvements to your house through Energy Impact Illinois.   You can read more about both in the current SLN Newsletter.

Also in the SLN Newsletter:

  • Get an update about the property under development at 1248 W. George and  big changes in the plans for the Lathrop Homes site (all 3 plans now “feature” 1600 units).
  • There are also updates from Commissioner John Fritchey, Alderman Scott Waguespack,  Representative Mike Quigley.
  • There is news about CAPS, Burley School, the #11 Lincoln Avenue Bus, and much more.

We hope to see you at the party on the 11th.  In the meantime, join in the discussions on Facebook.