Should we change how the newsletter is distributed?

We’ve been re-thinking how we distribute the newsletter… let us know your thoughts. Our initial ideas:

  1. Publish sections (President’s letter, neighborhood news, last meeting info, upcoming agenda) on a weekly basis, on Facebook and on our website.
  2. Get the “what happened at the meeting” up within a week after the meeting.
  3. Put together the “traditional” newsletter as a single document, post on the website and via snail mail (to those members not on the email list) and distribute a week before the meeting.


  1. Ads — SLN is pretty much financed by the ads in the newsletter. How would you feel about ad placement on the website and on the Faceoook group page?
  2. Fatigue — is this too much, not enough, or just right?

Comments?  Please reply here or on Facebook.