3118 N. Ashland (Ashland & Barry) Info

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We plan to have the developers of the 3118 N. Ashland parking lot (next to Burley School) at the November 13 meeting.

UPDATE:  As of today (Oct 12), the developers will not be presenting at the Nov. 13 meeting.  When we have more information, we’ll let everyone know.

Here’s some information you can use to prepare for that meeting:

The Alderman will be evaluating these proposals under the Planned Development ordinance, as the proposal is multi-unit structure of more than 60 units.

The Planned Development (PD) zoning designation is required for certain projects to ensure adequate public review, encourage unified planning and development, promote economically beneficial development patterns that are compatible with the character of existing neighborhoods, allow design flexibility, and encourage the protection and conservation of the city’s natural resources.