February 13 Meeting: 3 Zoning Changes

First of all, here’s the February Newsletter, hot off the presses.

Meeting Information:

Tuesday, February 13
Athenaeum Theatre
2936 N. Southport
6:30 Socializing
7:00 Meeting Starts


  1. 1246 W George, repurposing a M1-2 manufacturing building into a 3 story residential RT-4 similar to other nearby buildings. This plan and the developer are controversial with immediate neighbors and hopefully some resolution can occur. The Neighborhood Development Review Committe e [NDRC] has recommended approval of the current submitted plan.
  2. 1503 W George, rezoning a double lot with a current 3 flat and coachouse into two RT-4 lots to accommodate a new single family home on the new east parcel. There are a lot of moving parts and issues with this plan and the NDRC review is initially not to recommend. The developer has a unique idea which he wishes to present to the community at large.
  3. 1211-13 W Belmont, razing two old frame buildings [Murphy’s Hot Dogs] on two standard lotswith legacy M1 -2 zoning to B2-3 to facilitate a 4 1/2 story 8 unit building. The NDRC review appreciates the development but only to a -2 density which limits it to 3 1/2 stories 6 units which is in more alignment with the rest of the area.

More details on these developments are in the newsletter.  Please review the details prior to the  meeting!

March Preview:  Looking ahead to March, we have a possible zoning change on Southport/Barry, a Temple Bar revival presentation, Chamber of Commerce presentation/discussion on changing Lincoln Ave to A PEDESTRIAN DESIGNATION street affecting future development and a couple brief introductions to some candidates for US Congress etc.

Also for your consideration, we have openings for some concerned residents to join our board of directors -requires an additional meeting/month usually the eve of 3rd Tuesday. Additionally, if you have some background in law, zoning, architecture or construction/contracting the NDRC could also use your help. Development reviews are scheduled as needed.

What’s happening in the neighborhood? What’s going on with the Blue Park?  What was consumed at the Holiday Party? What’s the latest from the CPD program formerly known as CAPS? How can you get some funding to install security cameras? You guessed it! It’s in the newsletter.